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CHILD +Youth Workshops

Workshops use a combination of arts and sciences and can be developed for the age groups, curriculums, cultures, spaces, and events you are looking to engage.

Programs can be made accessible to all learners.

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Ask Shessi how we can work together to meet your group's learning goals!


Personal Wellness

Community Wellness

Womxn's Wellness Series

Food Wellness - Eat this


Sustainability Learning

This sensory paint workshop invites participants to dive into the world of diverse Water Creatures + Ecosystems! Participants develop a deeper relationship with Water in their everyday Lives.


Topics + Activities include:

 Water Cycle + Ecosystems

Water in our Bodies

A Water science experiment 

Young inventors + changemakers

Water in our everyday Lives

Painting activity

All ages

Water and Me

Water & Me

Energy Everywhere

This sciences workshop gives participants a chance to be scientists with a biology lab experiment that makes this workshop a favourite! Participants learn about exciting innovations in clean Energy.


Topics + Activities include: 

Energy games + demonstrations

Environmental oil spill experiment 

How we use Energy in our Lives

Cool new renewable technologies

Young inventors + changemakers

Ages 10+

Energy Everywhere

In this workshop or series, groups define what a sustainable + healthy Living Community looks like to them. Working together groups create a project that will improve their school, homes, community, or workplace.


Topics + Activities include:

 Community projects worldwide

Photography scavenger hunt

Trust and trust building games

Visioning sustainability project ideas

Voting on a project + project planning


All ages

Community Sustainability Project

Community Projects
Waste Reduction

Zero Waste Challenge

In this workshop, participants learn about the impacts of waste on the Earth's Species, Ecosystems + Communities. 



Topics + Activities include:

Waste management

Species impacted by waste

Recycled-art making


Cool new technology + zero waste practices

Create a plan for reducing waste in homes, schools, workplaces, community spaces

All ages

Health & Wellness

Health + Wellness Learning

This workshop plays with arts + sciences to explore how our bodies, minds, spirit + emotions work together to keep us healthy.


Topics + Activities include:

The Mind + Mental Health

The Heart + Emotional Intelligence

Ecological + social environments

Building our health day by day

Envisioning our futures

Mindfulness + breathing experiences

Create a personal wellness plan

All ages


Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness
Community Wellness

Community Wellness

This workshop explores how our relationships have deep, long-lasting impacts on our health + wellbeing. Using arts + sciences activities, participants learn strategies for healthier Humxn relationships + communication.


Topics + Activities include:

Diversity + anti-oppression

Listening + communication skills 

Heart + Mind sciences

Group creative sound activity

Trust + team-building games

Creating welcoming, inclusive spaces

All ages


Women's Wellness

This workshop series is developed for people who self-identify as Womxn to share their unique experiences in a supportive space + community/self-care strategies.

Topics + Activities include:

Poetry, writing, music, mixed-media arts

Mental, physical, spiritual + emotional health

Body + Mind awareness

Optional take-home readings

Trust + team-building games

Visioning our futures, stepping into our power

Emergent programming built with the interests of participants

Ages 13+



Wellness Series

Food - Eat this!

Eat this!

This workshop looks at Food in diverse biocultures + encourages us to share our relationships to Food.


Topics + Activities include:

Foods that can help us stay healthy

Planting and growing Food

Learning about Food diversity

Learning where Food comes from

All ages


Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

This workshop or series guides participants to write poetic pieces as individuals or as a community on the topic of choice. Shessi performs her poetry + creates a safe space for participants to step into their power + share their words with others.

Topics + Activities include:

Writing prompts

Writing as individuals

Writing as a community

The importance of sharing our stories

Using spoken word for healing

Gaining confidence in one's voice


Ages 10+

Poetry +

Spoken Word

Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Series

This workshop series guides participants to write short stories + larger projects. Participants learn how to create characters, storylines + share their work with others for peer support.

Topics + Activities include:

Writing prompts

Writing short stories + larger projects

Learning to build character, plot, etc

The importance of sharing our stories

Developing one's writing voice


Ages 15+

This workshop series helps participants strengthen their persuasive essay writing. Strong persuasive writing is an invaluable skill for excelling in school + any future career, whether it be writing an application, business plan, or speech.

Topics + Activities include:

Breaking down basic essay structure

Creating a game plan before writing

How to write persuasively

Developing a strong voice

Knowing your audience

How to edit effectively

Ages 13+

Essay Writing Series

Essay Writing
Music Workshops

Music + Sound Workshops

Drumming Workshop


This percussion workshop teaches basic drum beats while participants share their knowledge of drums from their own biocultures. We learn that the drum is a universal instrument across the globe that has moved humxns since its inception. 

Topics + Activities include: 

The drum in diverse humxn biocultures

Listening + communication skills

Drumming + drumming games

Mindfulness + Attention game

Trust + team-building

Sharing space in community

Recyclable instrument making (optional)

Ages 11+

This popular workshop uses arts + sciences to gets participants moving + learning about sound + music for our wellness, healing, + creativity. 

Open to all ages, abilities + levels; everyone can make a sound!

Topics + Activities include:

Role of music in diverse humxn biocultures

Music + your health

Language + Sound as communication with your surroundings

Building listening + communication skills

Drumming, Singing, Music Making

Mindfulness + attention games

Trust + team-building

Finding your voice, finding your breath

All ages

Make a Sound!

Music + Wellness 

Music + Wellness

Song Writing

This workshop or series introduces participants to song-writing strategies + invites them to co-create a song together or work on something of their own.

Topics + Activities include:

Language + Sound as communication 

Song writing as story telling

Writing prompts

Turning ideas into songs

Communicating a feeling

Finding your voice, finding your breath

Verses, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge + hooks

The audience experience

Preparing a performance (optional)

Ages 11+

Song Writing
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