Womxn's Self Care & Wellness Programming

This workshop series creates nonjudgmental, supportive spaces for young womxn and LGTBQ+ youth to talk about individual and community self care strategies.


Topics include body awareness, mental-physical-spiritual health, relationships, intersectional feminism, and tools for long term self care and wellness.  

This series is geared towards secondary school students.


This creative paint workshop invites participants to dive into the world of Water Creatures and Ecosystems, and to develop a deeper relationship with Water in their every day Lives.


The sensory approach of this workshop is a hit with diverse learners.


 This fun science workshop is always a favorite! It includes a lab experiment on oil spill impacts and a look at some exciting innovations

in sustainable Energy production. 


 Participants leave with a greater perspective on oil, what we use it for, and the social movements transitioning us towards clean Energy! 

 Great for elementary and secondary school curriculum. 


  Get outside and into relationship with Toronto's lush Forests and Rivers while learning about the city's Habitats, Plants and Animals from a real Life biologist!


Explore the impacts Humxns have on Ecosystems and consider how our biocultural perspectives play a part in how we care for the Earth,


Scavenger hunts, arts and science activities, and games engage participants to take a deeper look at the Earth around them and see themselves as part of the whole.



 In this series of workshops, participants define what a sustainable, healthy Living Community looks like to them and work together to co.create a project that will improve the biocultural health of their school, community, or workplace. 

Projects can tackle environmental, social, economic, cultural and spiritual wellbeing


 Learn about the important niche of pollinators in the Earth's Ecosystem food web and find ways you can support their work in your own backyard.



In this workshop we make bee homes, baths and learn what plants pollinators need to do their best! 


 Waste reduction is a serious challenge that needs a serious game plan! 


Do you know how much waste YOU produce?


Participants learn about the impacts of waste on the Earth's Ecosystems and Community health and create a game plan for how they can reduce waste in their homes, schools, workplaces and Community spaces.



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