Womxn's Self Care & Wellness Programming

This workshop series creates nonjudgmental, supportive spaces for young womxn and LGTBQ+ youth to talk about individual and community self care strategies.


Topics include body awareness, mental-physical-spiritual health, relationships, intersectional feminism, and tools for long term self care and wellness.  

This series is geared towards secondary school students.


This workshop plays with arts and sciences to explore how our bodies, minds, and emotions work together to keep us healthy, our ecological and social environments, and the small but IMPACTFUL ways we can build our wellbeing a little bit every day.



 Our relationships with each other have deep, long-lasting impacts on our health and wellbeing. This workshop teaches anti.oppression using arts and sciences activities to dive into Humxn relationships and social justice. Participants share and explore what strategies they use to develop and maintain positive relationships whether at home, school, work, and in Community.



This series is developed for Young Womxn and LGTBQ2S+ Community to share tools of self care and talk about their unique biocultural experiences in today's world.


Topics of Individual & Community health, mental and emotional health, caring for our bodies, future visioning, intersectional feminism, healing and resilience are explored using visual arts, music, poetry, optional readings, and biocultural science learning   


The important role of nutrition cannot be overstated when talking about physical, mental, emotional and Community health and resilience. 


This workshop looks at food through the lens of biocultura, and asks participants to unpack where their food and food choices comes from, and how different foods makes them feel. We also look at key foods that can help our systems function smoothly and learn simple ways to plant and harvest them in our homes and Communities.



Take home resources and info on planting and eating for wellness are available 


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